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– Institute of Research and Higher Studies of Granada

The Institute of Research and Higher Studies of Granada is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to create an academic space where scientific objectivity, cultural innovation, pluralism, coexistence, tolerance and cooperation prevail. Thanks to an approach which defends synergy between disciplines, the Institute aims to contribute to cultural and scientific development, promote the study of civilizations and strengthen the values of scientific and humanistic cooperation.
The Institute chooses its headquarters in Granada for being a city with a great historical symbology, was one of the most important cities of Al-Andalus and its name refers to the times of Islamic scientific and cultural prosperity, as well as to the constructive miscegenation between the Muslim and Western culture. Today we can see the reflection of the Andalusian Granada in the richness of elements of religious coexistence and cultural diversity. Likewise, Granada, being a university city, becomes the centre of numerous scientific and cultural activities that take place throughout the year. In the city we also find museums that narrate the history of Islam in Al-Andalus, and Islamic monuments such as La Alhambra, the most visited tourist complex in Spain, the Generalife, the university built by King Yusuf I in 1349, and Albaicín.

– University of Granada:

Founded in 1531 and hosts more than 70,000 students. The University received an award from the European Union as the first European university to attract students from all over the world. The University of Granada is the first European university in terms of the number of international students from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia, and the first European university in terms of number of students of international exchange programs Erasmus, where more than 2000 2000 students from European universities, which makes it classified as the best favourite for European students. It is also the first Spanish university in terms of the number of Muslim students.
The University has received the International Campus of Excellence. It is the university that is mandated to pass official examinations in Morocco and which qualify for entry to Spanish universities. The University has important scientific chairs, including UNESCO Chair and Chair of the European Commission…

– Euroarabe Foundation

In order to contribute to build a space for dialogue and interaction between the countries of the European Union and their counterparts from North Africa and the Middle East, Euroarabe Foundation for Higher Studies devotes all its efforts to the promotion and cooperation of Europe in the scientific, intellectual, cultural, political, economic and social sectors through the establishment of partnerships with various governmental and non- From universities, research centres, companies, international organizations. Euroarabe Foundation is supervised by a council composed of representatives of three governmental bodies: the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, the Government of Andalusia and the University of Granada, headed by the Secretary-General of the Universities of the Spanish Government.