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– Promote research and study of scientific fields related to studies on Islamic and Western civilization according to the standard and academic standards.


– Train researchers in the area of ​​Islamic and Western civilizations, as well as in the area of ​​cultural innovation and dialogue between religions and civilizations, amending the stereotypes that are found among different peoples and cultures


– Create a network for the exchange of knowledge among professors, thinkers and researchers of international prestige from different European, American and Arab universities, with the aim of investigating and reflecting on issues of common interest.


– Create scientific chairs in Western and Arab universities.


– Provide an effective mechanism for dialogue and objective analysis through scientific research, higher education, the exchange of knowledge and experiences.


– Transform the Chair of Islamic Civilization Studies and the Renewal of Religious Thought in a scientific reference and guidance for European and Ibero-American universities and institutions on issues related to the study of Islamic civilization, strategies for the construction of coexistence, tolerance and to legitimize the differences.


– Consolidate the values ​​of multiculturalism, change of mutual stereotypes, rejection of extremism and any type of violence in the name of religion, race, colour, etc.


– Highlight the values ​​of Islamic civilization and its great contribution to the development of human civilization, to the renewal of religious thought in general and Islamic in particular, pointing out the shared values ​​between Islamic and Western cultures to promote the principles of peace, justice, coexistence, tolerance and dialogue between believers of different religions and cultures, based on mutual respect and the promotion of human values.