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“Granada Chair for Studies of Islamic Civilization and Renewal of Religious Thought” aims to:

– Highlight the noble values ​​of Islamic civilization and its contribution to the march of human civilization and to renew religious thought in general and Islamic in particular and to highlight the common history and common values ​​between Islamic and Western cultures in order to promote the values ​​of peace, justice, moderation, moderation, coexistence, tolerance and dialogue among followers of religions and cultures,

– Create an effective means of substantive dialogue and analysis through scientific research and higher education, dissemination of knowledge and transfer of successful experiences,

– “Granada Chair for the Studies of Islamic Civilization and the Renewal of Religious Thought” is a scientific and advisory reference to European and European universities and institutions in all aspects of the studies of Islamic civilization and the strategies of building coexistence and tolerance, recognizing the legitimacy of difference and investing it in establishing the values ​​of multiculturalism, changing mutual stereotypes and rejecting extremism and violence in the name of religion Race or color …

– Make the chair a space to create thematic networks of experts, thinkers and researchers of world renown from European, American and Arab universities,

– Contribute to the establishment of the values ​​and conditions of cooperation, solidarity and peaceful coexistence among peoples within the framework of religious diversity and multiculturalism through religious dialogue, intellectual renewal and scientific studies.