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The Master in «Religion, Politics and Citizenship» is a one-year multi-disciplinary postgraduate program. It equips the students with methodological tools that are necessary to access the world of knowledge of philosophy and social, human and political sciences with the aim of understanding and analyzing the complex relationship between religion and politics in the modern state and its correlation with  issues of citizenship, freedoms, pluralism, development and social peace.

The Master’s program also pays particular attention to the social and cultural presence of Islam in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, particularly with regard to the current major geopolitical and international issues, in order to train researchers as well as consultants in public and private administrations, managers and supervisors in the fields of civil society, social services and cultural mediation as well as education executives in the fields related to the Master’s disciplines, researchers in philosophical and Islamic studies, local community leaders and activists in the fields of culture, society, politics and communication.

The Master’s program also aims to train researchers in political philosophy, social science and religious thought, by following the scientific method that entitles them to approach issues of cultural pluralism, religious coexistence and Islamic movements in Europe and the Arab world, and allows them to manage difference, diversity and co- existence, by adopting a critical, multidisciplinary and multicultural approach.

Thus, the Master’s program has in place innovative scientific teaching methods based on:
– The evaluation of knowledge and experience developed by the student, in accordance with the theoretical model of «Community Practice».
– The evaluation of daily work experiences and daily life.
– The effective participation of students according to the «cooperative learning»

To achieve these goals, the Master in «Religion, Politics and Citizenship» brings together a teaching faculty of distinguished professors from the University of Padua and the University of Piemonte Orientale, as well as professors from other Italian, Arab and European universities…

Master «Religion, Politics And Citizenship»

3th edition of the Master «Religion, Politics And Citizenship» 2019/2020 :


Application Is Open Until September 30, 2019 Classes Start December 2019 For Master In «Religion, Politics And Citizenship» for academic year 2019/2020.

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2nd edition of the Master «Religion, Politics And Citizenship» 2018/2019 :

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1st edition of the Master «Religion, Politics And Citizenship» 2016/2017.

Master «Islam in the present time»

1st edition of the Master «Islam in the present time» 2016/2017 :