Areas of action

The Institute of Research and Higher Studies of Granada works in the following fields:


– Higher education and training:
The Institute encourages and develops the knowledge acquired by the student within the scientific disciplines of the Institute by preparing the appropriate curricula for the needs of the student as the centre of interest of the Institute, as well as providing favourable conditions for good academic results, in addition to facilitating the consultation between students, professors and academic supervisors. Students will participate in the organization of study activities in parallel with the programs imposed by the Institute. Students always have at their disposal books, conferences, scientific conferences and workshops organized by the Institute to expand their knowledge and diversify learning methods and knowledge acquisition, not depending on classical methods in the classroom.


– Scientific Research :
The Institute promotes research and study in the scientific fields related to the studies of Islamic civilization, Western civilization, the renewal of religious thought, the promotion of communication between peoples and cultures in accordance with academic standards by creating competent professionals in matters of religions, Islamic and Western civilizations, and promoting the exchange of knowledge and scientific experiences in the framework of international academic cooperation.


– Transfer of knowledge and dissemination of successful experiences:
The Institute is a scientific and cultural link between thinkers, professors, researchers and students of Arab and European universities, and encourages the discussion and exchange of experiences and efficient initiatives for the development of future research and studies in the field of Islamic and Western civilization and the renewal of religious thought.


– Translation:

Translation is one of the work areas of the Institute, from Arabic to different European languages and from European to Arabic languages for full and exhaustive access to research and studies carried out within the framework of the Institute’s academic and cultural competences.